Digital Signature

Since the so-called Cognitive Revolution replaced behaviorism with cognitive science, psychology, human memory and the human mind have been modeled as the digital computer. But now, the Internet security problem takes away from the computer that scientists call “human limitation with precise recall,” that is, the inability to remember and accurately recall a variety of random characters from eight combinations the Internet user You have to keep safe to your / your different digital accounts and corporate digital networks. However, even though it contradicts everything we have learned about human memory in everyday life, how capacity has been postulated by all models of cognitive science of human memory and supposedly tested by laboratory experiments In meaningless syllables and such. Now, real people fight back and the digital computer scientist is rediscovering “human limitation with accurate recall.”

Limitation? Is in cosign digital signature insofar as it refers to human minds, his marked preference for creation, remembering, and manipulating significant symbols is his greatest strength and the engine of his creative endeavor-science, arts, Literature, music, signatures, etc. Interestingly, it is the strength of the human mind that now clashes with and threatens Internet security – Internet users to collect meaningful words that their passwords. Breaking an AZAR eight-character password would take more than 13 years on average, even for digital password decryption programs that can test nearly 8 million combinations every second on the latest Pentium 4 processor. But most passwords are not Random digital characters. Rather, they are meaningful words that can easily be remembered. Sometimes they have a couple of digital numeric extensions, which do not complicate the hacker’s life to a significant extent.

Hackers can crack most commonly used passwords in less than a minute. And once they discover passwords on a server, they often have the way to other servers. Having stolen the digital keys for a large part of the accounts on the network, an intruder can stroll around to preserve the look of a legal digital user. This is why the threat to digital password security is a real problem.

“Passwords are one of the biggest digital security issues that American companies have,” said Chris Pick, associate vice president of product strategy at PentaSafe security technologies and an interesting problem is therefore the Psychology of Digital Technology Human memory and Internet security systems.